Sciatica Diagnosis and Treatment

Sciatica is a painful, debilitating condition. It occurs when there is pressure on the sciatic nerve or it becomes pinched. Luckily, chiropractic care can help with this condition. At Centennial Chiropractic Clinic, serving Springfield, OR, our experts diagnose sciatica and provide all-natural methods to give you relief from back pain and other symptoms. It is important to understand this condition so you know when to get treatment. 


What Is Sciatica? 

Sciatica occurs when an underlying issue places pressure on your sciatic nerve. In some instances, the sciatic nerve is damaged, which leads to these symptoms.

Since the sciatic nerve runs through your lower back, hips, buttocks, and down both legs, you may have symptoms in other areas that your lower back, including your legs. Typically, it'll only cause pain on one side of your body. The symptoms include pain, numbness, weakness, burning, and tingling. The pain or numbness may radiate down your leg, making it difficult to walk or sit.

Who Is at Risk for Sciatica?

Sciatica could stem from an injury to the sciatic nerve. Diabetics, in particular, could have nerve damage to this particular nerve, which leads to sciatica symptoms. A herniated disc or bone spur could place pressure on the sciatic nerve and pinch it. In very rare cases, sciatica will stem from a tumor placing pressure on the nerve. 

Certain individuals are more at risk for sciatica than others, such as diabetics, those of advanced age, or those who are obese.

Diagnosis and Prevention of Sciatica

Initially, our chiropractor will discuss your sciatic nerve pain and other symptoms to determine the severity and potential causes of your condition. We will perform a physical exam to look for any underlying conditions. If you have severe symptoms or have no improvement of your condition within a few weeks, our chiropractor may order testing to determine the underlying cause, specifically to look for a herniated disc or bone spur that's placing pressure on the nerve.

After a diagnosis, our chiropractor will create a personalized treatment plan for you. Treatment often includes spinal alignments. Our chiropractor will manually realign the spine to take pressure off your sciatic nerve. This treatment also eases pressure on your discs, which could help you heal from a herniated disc that's causing your sciatica symptoms. 

Often, our chiropractor will also recommend corrective exercises, which incorporate stretches that target the muscles and soft tissue in your back. It can help manage swelling and soreness while increasing circulation to the area. 

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