Extremity Chiropractic Care

The Basics of Extremity Chiropractic Care

Chiropractors are often thought of as back doctors, but in practice, they can treat other parts of your body as well. If you’re suffering pain in your legs or arms, you should contact a chiropractor. The right hands-on treatments can relieve pain today and prevent pain tomorrow. Extremity chiropractic care can relieve elbow pain, ankle pain, wrist pain, back pain, knee pain, and more. In need of a chiropractor near you in Springfield, OR? Contact our team today at Centennial Chiropractic Clinic.


Treating Pain in Your Legs and Arms

If you’re suffering pain in your legs or arms, it may be due to issues with your back. For this reason, a chiropractor may first check out the shape and alignment of your spine. If your spine is not properly aligned, it could be causing strain on muscles throughout your body, potentially even contributing to ankle pain and wrist pain. Using chiropractic adjustments, a chiropractor can adjust your spine, potentially relieving strain and pain.

A chiropractor can also adjust the joints in your legs and arms. As with the back, if your joints are not properly aligned, the result could be pain. Hands-on treatment can be used to adjust the joints in your body, thereby relieving strain. Chiropractors can adjust your knees, elbows, and shoulders as well.

Chiropractors frequently utilize soft tissue massages to relieve muscle tension. This often provides quick pain relief. Chiropractic massages are different from the massages that you might get at a massage parlor. The methods deployed are used to treat underlying conditions that may be resulting in pain in your extremities.

Further, with hands-on care, you don’t need to take expensive and potentially addictive medications to treat pain. Unfortunately, pain medications often fail to address the underlying issues causing pain. As a result, when the medications wear off, the pain will often return.

Chiropractors can also teach you a variety of exercises and stretches that will strengthen the tissues in your limbs, shoulders, and back. By performing these exercises, you may be able to prevent elbow pain and other aches in the future. Further, a chiropractor can help you select furniture, such as the right mattress, that will provide increased support and reduce strain. This could help not only with back pain but also with knee pain, ankle pain, and other aches.

Enjoy Pain Relief Today

Pain in the extremities is quite common. You may have suffered a sports injury or perhaps your joints and limbs were knocked out of alignment in a car accident. Your aches might simply be the result of aging. Whatever the case, extremity chiropractic care can provide relief for elbow pain, wrist pain, back pain, knee pain, ankle pain, and more.

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