An Overview of Fibromyalgia from Centennial Chiropractic Clinic

It is important for everyone to make sure that have access to a healthcare provider who is going to place the needs of the patient first. This is where the team from Centennial Chiropractic Clinic can be helpful. One of the most common issues we see is called fibromyalgia. It is important for everyone to know what fibromyalgia is and how a chiropractor can help treat this serious condition.


What Is Fibromyalgia?

Fibromyalgia is one of the most common causes of chronic pain in the United States. When someone has been told they have fibromyalgia, they often suffer from symptoms that impact their mobility. Fibromyalgia leads to pain in the joints throughout the body. This might include the shoulders, arms, legs, ankles, knees, and more. Fibromyalgia can make it hard for someone to move, leading to an adverse impact on someone's overall quality of life.

How Is It Diagnosed?

Fibromyalgia can be diagnosed in a variety of ways. However, this is largely a clinical diagnosis. This means that the condition is often diagnosed without having to run any blood tests or collect any imaging. There are a certain number of pain points that are used to define fibromyalgia. Once someone reaches a certain percentage of these paint points throughout the body, the diagnosis is confirmed.

How Can a Chiropractor Help?

If someone has been diagnosed with fibromyalgia, it is important to visit a chiropractor for help. A chiropractor knows that many people with fibromyalgia have trouble controlling their symptoms with traditional medical care. That is why we take a different approach. We are going to try to get to the root cause of your pain. Then, we will come up with a treatment plan that has been designed to address your specific needs. This will go a long way toward helping you complete the recovery process. We can use massage, manipulations, adjustments, and more to treat the pain with this condition.

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