Auto Accident Injury

Auto Accident Injury Treatment with our Springfield Chiropractor

Woman in an auto accident

At Centennial Chiropractic Clinic in Springfield, OR, we're honored to help people recover from auto accident injuries without having to depend on pain medications. Our services also help men, women, and children avoid long-term complications associated with untreated or undiagnosed auto accident related injuries. 

Common Auto Accident Injuries Treated by Our Chiropractor in Springfield

Auto accident injuries can range from mild to severe, though this isn't always correlated with the severity of the accident itself. Even slow fender benders can result in injury! Here are a few of the most common conditions we see among our patients who have been involved in a car crash:

  • Whiplash: an acceleration/deceleration injury occurring after whip-like motion of the head and neck; this can affect the head, neck, and shoulders
  • Seat belt injury: typically leading to bruising, pain, and soft tissue damage within the shoulder girdle
  • "Dashboard knee": impact related damage to the bones, ligaments, meniscus, and other structures within the knee joint
  • Spinal joint misalignments and subluxations: joints in the back are shifted out of place, often occurring alongside painful muscle guarding or muscle strains; this may also lead to nerve impingement (e.g., sciatica) and can be associated with vertebral bone fractures

Not all injuries which occur during an auto accident will show up right away; you could walk away and feel perfectly fine, but then days, weeks, or sometimes months later will start to experience pain, stiffness, numbness, headaches, or some other symptom. This happens because "fight or flight" hormones like adrenaline surge during trauma and may take some time to return to their normal resting levels and until they do, these hormones can mask pain.

How Our Chiropractor Treats Auto Accident Injuries

Fortunately, whether an auto accident injury is immediately apparent or not, our chiropractor in Springfield can help. The services we provide, including chiropractic adjustments, spinal decompression, massage therapy, and corrective exercises, offer the following benefits:

  • Reduced pain 
  • Reduced swelling and inflammation
  • Improved posture, joint mobility, and spinal alignment
  • Accelerated tissue healing and cellular metabolism
  • Improved neurological system function 
  • Alleviate psychological stress 

If you're filing anything for an insurance claim or other liability issues, then our staff can happily provide you with detailed and accurate notes; after all, auto accidents can be mentally and financially stressful as well as physically stressful, too!

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