Knee Pain

Knee Pain Treatment With Chiropractic Care

Having any sort of pain can be troublesome, but knee pain is a severe case. Considering how much most people walk, knee pain causes a lot of problems in day-to-day life. If you want to stop limping around your home in agony, here is what you need to know about knee pain. Chiropractic care can help relieve knee pain and can get you back on the right track.


Common Causes of Knee Pain

One of the toughest parts about diagnosing and treating pain in your knee is that it can be caused by so many different things. The key to treating your pain is figuring out what is causing it, which generally means narrowing down the symptoms you have and seeing which problems they line up with. Some of the most common causes of knee pain include:

  • Knee bursae: Inflammation of the pads that cushion joints
  • Frozen knee: A stiff, locked knee caused by various issues
  • Strains and sprains: Any common sprain, twist or strain can cause pain
  • Tendonitis: Inflammation of the tendons in the knee

Treating Knee Pain

As far as treating knee pain goes, it depends on the cause of the pain. In some cases, knee problems may require surgery to relieve pain and alleviate symptoms. If you have got something simple like a strain or sprain, it will generally heal up on its own with some rest. If you do not need surgery and your knee pain is constantly bothering you, there are some other things you can try. For example, wearing a knee brace may help keep the joint stable to prevent pain. Ice and elevation may also make your knee feel a bit better.

Chiropractor Knee Pain Treatment

One of the best ways to relieve knee pain caused by various injuries is a trip to the chiropractor. While it is important to get surgery or other serious treatment if a doctor says you need it, that's often not the case. A chiropractor can help adjust your joints (or your back if that knee pain is stemming from there). Best of all, you do not have to take any painkillers or other medications with harmful side effects. Plus, you can let your chiropractor know about any other problems you want to be checked out if you have been having back or neck pain.

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